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70 (Sebaa)  Enderta 
1.   Enderta – Meqele
2.   Dedeba Dergajen  - Kwiha 
3.   Gabat melash – Hentalo
4.   Wenberta – Maimekden
5.   Degua Slowa – Dala
6.   Saharti – Gijet
7.  GereAlta – TsigeReda
8.   Waereb – Samre
9.   Wajerat – Debub 
10.  Denkel – Shekhet
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Today's News

Enderta "Professional Beggars"
Sebhat Nega
Sebhat Nega of Ethiopia and his organization TPLF should be brought to International Criminal Court (ICC) for a crime they are committing against the people of  Samre, Bora Selawa, Hentalo, Abergele, Mechoni and other communities who inhabited the fertile land of Enderta and Raya Azebo. The people of these communities have been systematically uprooted by the agents of Eritrea, TPLF Mafias. 
We have never witnessed an exodus of Tigreans, especially Sebaa Enderta and the people of Ray Azebo trickling to the streets of Addis Abeba to become "professional beggars" (a quote from Sebhat Nega's mouth) during zemene Hailesilassie and the Derg regime . 
There has never been a single soul from Enderta and Ray Azebo portrayed as a "professional beggar" in the streets of Addis Abeba for centuries. 
Why the Bandas of TPLF are committing such a heinous crime against the people of Tigray, for that matter why TPLF is destroying Enderta is hard for anyone to comprehend. 
Why are the whole communities of Enderta and Raya Azebo becoming  "Professional Beggars?"
What all Ethiopians should know is that there might have some beggars from Tigray but there was no such influx of a whole community being systematically driven to beg.  What went wrong and why did  this particular society of Tigray all of a sudden after centuries of dignified survival become a beggar during the reign of TPLF Shaebia? 
At a maximum this internal manifesto of  TPLF to uproot and destroy anything Sebaa Enderta must be dealt with in conjunction with crime against humanity and the people of Enderta and Raya Azebo must have their day in the International Criminal Court (ICC).  
TPLF has been systematically confiscating the land of  Enderta farmers without any compensation in order to drive them out of their century old ownership.  What has happened and what is happening in Enderta is equivalent to Genocide and ethnic cleansing.   

70 Enderta
G. Samora Yonus,  Who Killed Alene Bihon? 

Yohannes IV
The Inauguration of Debreselam Kidest Mariam of
​Ashegoda 70 Enderta Tgray
Deqi 70 Enderta! Can we get this DONE! Above all things comes the Love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Like any other Endertawai I ask you to give the utmost attention to the construction of New Church of Enda Yesus (The House of Jesus Christ). 
Additional two class rooms are being constructed. Elkin, 70 Enderta 
Even though TPLF is still in Power for the last 29 years the people of Tigray didn't benefit anything from the sacrifices they paid to bring the elite of half Adwans and half Eritreans to power. All the necessities: access to clean water, electrical light is still unavailable through out Tigray! 
Isn't it time for the people of Tigray to hand over the elite and Mafia leaders of TPLF to the Federal Government of Ethiopia.
For over 47 years the Mafia TPLF has been Killing the people of Tigray. Tigray should vote out these mercenaries