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70 Enderta

Enderta is one of the eight Awrajas, often called Sebaa Enderta by its indigenous inhabitants. Located at the Eastern edge of the Ethiopian highlands, Enderta is/was the center of social, political and economical development of the Ethiopian Kingdom. 
70 (pronounced Seb-aa) represents Ten Weredas (counties) through out the Enderta Awraja.  

We are proud to reclaim and preserve the name 70 Enderta because of its historical significant and it represents old age democratic process through which elected and assigned representatives or elders of Enderta are representing their constituency in social and political governance of the Ethiopian Empire.
70 elders are elected from each county to mediate in between each Weredas in case of revelries and neighborhood dispute (Erqi Enderta, as it is still called in our region). These 70 elders had also regional authority in case of representing Enderta Awraja’S grievance and any legal dispute, which might arise in between Weredas, Awrajas, and Province. This is a form of democratic governance which has survived for centuries in between these peculiar and endogenous people of Enderta. Therefore 70 Enderta stands for peaceful coexistence, mutual respect within constituency and neighboring Awrajas and cooperation in development activities for the well being of all.

70 Enderta is bordered on the Western by Temben, South Western by Wag of Gonder, South by Raya Azebo, on the Eastern by Aseb Awraja Administration (Ethiopian main port), and Northern and North Western by Kelete Awlaelo, Agame and Adwa (see the above map).

Meqele (as pronounce with typical Endertawai slang), meaning to share, being the capital city of Sebaa Enderta and is the center of the entire political and social life of the Tigray administration. No exact date and year is available as to when Meqele was founded, but one can be sure that the city's administration started to regroup before the reigns of Atse Yohannes IV (1667 - 1682) came to power. During the Emperors reign all the administrative and command of authority of Ethiopia was centered in Meqele.  On the north eastern side of Meqele one can see the house of our late Emperor Yohannes IV, Bete Mengsti (House of the Emperor).  
The residential palace of Dechat Abraha is on the southern side of Meqele facing north, Bete Mengsti.  On the eastern side of Bete mengsti, next to Gerb Booboo, is the residential place of Raesi Gugesa Yohannes.  
70 Enderta is made up of more than 10 Weredas (counties).

1.   Enderta – Meqele
2.   Dedeba Dergajen  - Kwiha 
3.   Gabat melash – Hentalo
4.   Wenberta – Maimekden
5.   Degua Slowa – Dala
6.   Saharti – Gijet
7.  GereAlta – TsigeReda
8.   Waereb – Samre
9.   Wajerat – Debub 
10.  Denkel – Shekhet

Currently one has to know the history of his surrounding and the make-up of his upbringing. We are striving to preserve the historical facts, which has been the fabric of our survival. We do not allow the dismemberment of the Tigreans identity by PM Meles and Co. This is being done to weaken and undermine old age democratic governance and mutual respect, which prevailed for centuries. We might have forgotten some of the Weredas but we encourage others to fill in the remaining historical facts.  We will update these historical facts of Enderta as more information becomes available. 
Be proud of who you are and work hard to help those who are neglected of the Lions share.  

70 Enderta 

Who says Political and Economical Development don't mix? Even the air we breath in is politically manipulated.

They want us to believe political activities of "dishonest practice" and economical development, the two most important parts of our social structure, don't go hand in hand. 
The way the government formulates the structure is to confuse the majority by creating division among the people who claim to know, who are against this totalitarian government and those who are henchmen, brainwashed, and the yes men.  
While the ruling party is laying the foundation of mischievous manipulation to extend its grip in power, the intellectual community, about 10% of the Ethiopian population, which claims to know it all failed to address the basic teaching to the very people it thinks it is reaching. 
One has to define a given term precisely and without too much jargon for the average person to understand.  The main reason for this article is to clarify why all should have the same understanding when it comes to political and economical development. 
As a non-for-profit organization, the organization shouldn't support or talk against a politician in order to avoid getting taxed for any income the organization collects.  But that doesn't mean the organization shouldn't discuss any social issue, which affects the very people the organization is trying to help.  
We need to watch those foxes in a lamb skin, who are trying to maneuver us away from assessing the relationship b/n economical development and political activities.  Anybody who is trying to blind fold us is nothing but paid agent of the ruling party who's aim is to divide and disfranchise us. 
According to Merriam Webster,  Economics is defined "the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services." 
Politics is defined as "the art of science  concerned with guiding or influencing government policy." It continues to say that, "politics is the total complex of relation between people living in society."

As you see from the definition  the people in power ( in a democratic society)  are entrusted by the people who are elected to run the show through formulating any projects, which can be accomplished within a given period of time. The government in power has the upper hand to implement what it thinks is good for its society through all forms of government apparatus.  Since the cadres of the ruling party are involved directly or indirectly in any development association,  and are part and parcel of the decision making process, no development association or economic plan can claim to be free of politically motivated manipulation.  Economic planning is drafted by the assigned ministerial organization and the necessary budget is appropriated by the government, as simple as that.   The government has the upper hand to govern, to guide and influence any economical activities and how the wealth of the nation is distributed amongst its citizens. 
This is a brief answer to our reader's question.  No development organization can zoom in and zoom out without the close watch of the government.  Without exerting its influence, the government cannot sustain its existence for this long. 
One would ask, how about private development activities?  No private or for that matter no not-for-profit organizations are free of the bureaucratic hurdle.  In case of our Motherland, Ethiopia no individual development organization is left alone to do its development activities unless these organizations are ardent supporters of the ruling party. 

70 Enderta
In the name of Democracy

Democracy: " Free and equal representation of people." Democracy is not meant to get personal, but to work out personal differences for the betterment of a given community and a country, to preserve human rights, and to uplift the dignity of the people.  Better yet, the sovereignty and the value of our country must proceed any other demand we might have. 
To sum it up here is a quote from a book "On Democracy" by Robert A Dahl:
"... To promise democratic rights in writing , in law, or even in a constitutional document is not enough. The rights must be effectively enforced and effectively available to citizens in practice. If they are not, then to that extent the political system is not democratic, despite, what its rulers claim, and the trappings of "Democracy" are merely a facade for non democratic rule." 
One can see how the people of Tigray and Ethiopia are languishing under the dictatorial rule of the 2nd command of Shaebia. For over three decades, after sacrificing the ultimate gift of life the light is blinking far away for our brothers and sisters.
A lot has been written and a lot has been said about democracy, therefore I wouldn't even dare explain but what ought to be and not to be.  No one has came up with an unbiased and clear message which can tie up a formidable knot that will bring a change in Ethiopia. 
For over 20 years I have been observing the attitude of the Ethiopian intellectuals, they mimic and can articulate the definition of this noble term "Democracy" but they never came close into implementing it.  Here is my two pennies worth of interpretation of all the discussions I had and think are worth analyzing.
First: The most missing ingredient is serving others, committing yourself to serving others. 
We must avoid the attitude of "I know it all".  
It has been proven that the enemy of the people, the government of Ethiopia completely failed to define democracy and didn't even try to exploit the principles of democracy for the benefit of its own survival. It only barks Democracy when it is time for the hand out, to squeeze money from donors in the name of Democracy. 
The fundamental formation of the existing Ethiopian government is to create an independent Eritrea and to defend it at the expense of Tigreans blood and to live by sucking up the wealth of poor Ethiopia and create havoc and mistrust between Ethiopians and dismantle the fabric of our survival, which had prevailed the calamities for centuries.
Second:  We must  "agree to disagree", we all need to come up with a clear and precise agenda, which will unite us, instead of trumpeting around the worthless government's constitution. Stay away from all phrases coming out of this government's mouth piece.  
My last advice to those self tought journalists and web site editorials, if you think you are an avid promoter of democracy, if you claim you are a democrat, who is struggling to bring equality for all, then you must support and see those who claim to be democratic entities with the same eye. Give equal access for all to express their grievance and don't discriminate those who you think have a different opinion, otherwise you are not any better than the corrupt and "undemocratic" government of Ethiopia. 

70 Enderta